Akashic Records Policy +
Question Suggestions

Akashic Records Sessions are subjective. You have the free will choice to change, shift and alter the possible outcomes shared with you during your session which means that nothing is set in stone.

Your highest level guides in the Akashic Records (called Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones [or, MTLO’s for short]) are focused on showing you your soul level truth, which means that the answers might not make sense to your logical side. 

For example, you might ask something like “when will I meet my soulmate?” Instead of your MTLO’s giving you an exact date or time, the answer you receive could sound something like “clean out your garage” or “forgive your sister.” Remember, your guides in the Akashic Records ask you to go beyond your human experience. They see the energy that is blocking you from having your desires.

During an Akashic Records session, you are being asked to trust the guidance you receive, however it comes through. Because of this, the more open you are, the clearer messages you’ll receive.

Remember that we will be opening a channel to the entirety of your past, present and future soul possibilities. Because of this, I may receive past life information or some other type of multi-dimensional information that your conscious self may not understand and that’s normal. It’s more important to absorb the information coming through than it is to analyze it or try to force it to “make sense.” 

Simply opening your Records and absorbing the information that comes through is enough to open the channels that need to be opened in order to help you along on the next leg of your spiritual or soul journey. There’s not much “work” you’ll have to do after the session to get things moving. Everything will happen in its own time. Trust the process.


After we have our Zoom call, I will email you a video file of the session using an online service called WeTransfer. Remember to download the file right away as the download link will expire within 7 days of sending.


There are no refunds.
You have 72 hours to cancel or re-book the appointment without charge, after that the fee is 20% of the cost of the session.


In the Akashic Records, your questions guide your session, so it’s very important to tune into you innermost self and ask, “what led me to the  Akashic Records in the first place? What am I looking for?”

Like any intuitive inquiries, your inquiry in the Akashic Records needs to be clear and direct. For example, you might want to ask something like, “This (brief description of your issue) is what I’ve been working on, and I feel like there’s something more than I am able to see in my present life. If this is true, please provide the information of when and how this problem originated.”

And remember, there is no such thing as a “right” or “wrong” question. Whatever you ask, however you ask, conveys your energy and your intention, even if it’s unconscious on your part. The Akashic Records respond to your intention and energy. Let go of any pressure to find the perfect question, and again, trust the process.

With all this said, you might not know exactly what question(s) to ask.

Below are some suggestions to help you


General Questions

FeelingPotential Questions
Life is good!What are my next steps? How do I expand myself?
I enjoy my life and want to improve my sense of connection.How can I improve my sense of connection with myself, with others, and with the Earth?
I am looking for deeper understanding about my life.What can I understand, release or shift to find deeper understanding?
How do I find a sense of the spiritual in my everyday life?
I am thinking about moving.Why do I feel like moving?
What holds me where I am?
What do I need to release to move into a new place (literal or metaphorical)?
Where am I going?
I want to feel more confident.What is my truth today? What can I do to improve my ability to trust myself?
I am aware that I am changing my life.What am I learning about myself?
What have I released and why could I do this for myself?
What possibilities are opening up for me?
I feel so lonely.
How do I find connection with others, with God, with myself?
I feel scared.What am I scared of?
What creates fear that I am not aware of?
How do I shift this fear?
I am worried about my family.What do I need to understand about my role in family?
What do I need to shift around my beliefs about family?
I am struggling in relationship with my partner/spouse.Where am I stuck in the relationship?
What do I need to let go of?
How can I let go of the things that bother me in the relationship?
I feel empty inside.Why does the gap feel so big?
Where do I go to not feel so empty?
What is missing?
What do I not understand?
I feel unfocused.Where am I not looking at in my life?
What is keeping my attention from what I want?
Where do I need to turn my attention?
I feel sad.What is the source of my sadness?
Is my sadness a symptom of a deeper issue or feeling?
My kids won’t listen to me.Is it true that my kids don’t hear me?
How can I shift what I say so that my kids listen to me?
I am frustrated with my children.What is the root issue of my frustration with my kids?
What can I do to shift the relationship with my kids so that we are all happy?
I am so tired.What am I carrying?
What do I need to shift?
I’m tired of going to therapy, nothing is happening.What can I understand about myself that will help me feel better about my life?
I’m not happy with my physical body.What about my physical being am I disappointed in, dislike or misunderstand?
What can I do to shift my bad opinion of myself?
What am I carrying that I can let go?
What is its origin and how is this held in my mind, body or heart?
What do I get for holding on to this?
I don’t feel like I belong on Earth.
Why do I have this feeling?
What can I do to feel more connected?


Trauma / Healing

FeelingPotential Questions
I want to look at this traumatic experience.What trauma, pain, fear or anger keeps me from awareness of wholeness, balance and clear connection?
This horrible event happened in my childhood and I feel like it still holds me back.What can I understand or release about this event so that I can move on?
I have periods of my life I don’t remember.What happened that I don’t remember these parts of my life? What will bring back my memory?

I feel stuck, like something is holding me back.
What is holding me back and how can I release?
I am afraid of flying, the dark, (insert fear).Why do I have this fear? What can I do to release?
My heart feels trapped or contracted.What can I do to release this feeling in my heart?
I don’t have feelings. Or I have hard time identifying my feelings.What stands between me and my feelings?
What can I do to release?
I constantly say negative things about myself.What is the source of my Critical Voice’s strength and power?



FeelingPotential Questions
I feel really good about my relationship with my partner.What do I offer and receive in this relationship?
What is the dynamic of our relationship?
How do we support each other in growth both in the relationship and individually?
I feel ready to have a deeper relationship with my partner.What can I understand, release, or support to expand our relationship?
Is there anything standing in our way of a deeper relationship?
I want to understand my relationship with my partner.What do I offer and receive within this partnership?
What can I understand, shift or release to improve this relationship?
I feel like I’ve lost connection with my partner.Where am I right now in relationship with my partner?
What is the disconnection about?
What can I release or understand about this relationship?
My partner makes mean, critical comments about me.Why are these critical comments about for me?
How can I increase my self-confidence?
My partner is having an affair.What is the truth of this affair for me?
Where do I go from here?
How do I deal with the pain of betrayal?
I am afraid of my partner.What is the truth of the relationship with my partner?
Why am I afraid of my partner?
I feel I am at the end of the relationship with my partner.Is divorce the right choice for me?
How do I proceed from where I am in my life?
What is my path to greater happiness?


Soul Possibilities

FeelingPotential Questions
I want to understand my soul’s purpose or mission.What am I here to do?
What is my passion?
What is my life’s current purpose?
How can move toward achieving this purpose?
I feel like I keep doing things which don’t help me.What is blocking my gifts?
What patterns no longer serve?
What do I receive for holding this pattern?
How can I let go of these patterns?
I feel my soul calling to me and am not sure what is being said.here do I hear my soul calling?
How can I respond to the call?
What is the call about for me in this moment?
I feel like something about my soul is holding me back.Does my soul carry any bindings which I need to know about and release now?
How can I release?



FeelingPotential Questions
I love what I do, but there is no joy.Why do I not experience joy in my work?
I hate my boss.How do I hold my relationship with my boss?
What do I expect from my boss?
I don’t like my co-workers.How do I compare myself to them?
What do I need to understand about my relationship with them?
My boss likes my co worker more than me.Why do I need my boss's approval? Who else do I need approval from?
I don’t like my job.What exactly don't I like?
What do I fear about my job?
about failing?
I want another job.What do I hope to get from another job?
What will be better?
I can’t wait for the day to end.What do I need to let go of? What do I think is at home that isn't at work?
I hope tomorrow will be better.What keeps me from being in the present moment? Where do I need to focus?
I’m tired of this job.hat else isn't good enough in my life? What would a new job bring me?
I want a promotion.How would a promotion fulfill me?
I have always done well, but things are slow.Why do I feel things are slow?
What can I shift or release to get my work/business moving?
What am I ignoring that would be helpful to acknowledge?


Additional General Questions

  • How can I connect to my inner self and express him/her without limitations?
  • What is the purpose of my unique spirit?
  • What is my soul’s journey?
  • What am I in this human incarnation to learn?
  • What aspects of my life need to come forth to overcome obstacles in my path and further my soul’s journey?
  • What is the most important karmic pattern I’m dealing with now? 
  • Am I repeating patterns I did not deal with before?
  • What one specific past life is affecting this current lifetime and what is it trying to teach me?
  • Are my male and female energies in balance? Is either blocked?
  • Am I letting problems of my childhood affect me? If so, how?
  • What is my greatest limitation?
  • What are my greatest fears? (you can also break down each fear and find out when, where and how it originated)
  • What is my greatest gift?
  • Who are my guides and teachers? What role do they play in my life? (you can also ask about one specific guide, ask for its name and what it’s there to teach you, etc)
  • What message do my spirit guides have for me at this time?
  • How can I connect and communicate with my guides?
  • Is there anything within my soul or my physical expression which needs attention, balance or release?
  • What limiting thoughts, patterns and beliefs are keeping me from moving forward at this time?
  • What can help me release these things so that I can move forward? (We can ask the Records how to release and clear the blocked energy)
  • What lessons do my challenges have to offer me?
  • How can I resolve (a specific issue) in my life?
  • What gifts do I possess that can help me with this/these specific issues?
  • What does my business need to operate most effectively?
  • What will transform my business?
  • What career would best suit me?
  • Take me to a place in the future where I am (examples: financially abundant, in a happy relationship, etc). What are the steps I took to get here?
  • What am I not seeing?
  • Why can’t I mend my relationship with my mother?
  • What should I do about my current job situation?
  • Which school would be the best fit for my child?
  • Why do I have fear around my intuitive gifts?
  • What can I do to help unlock my creativity?
  • Which spirit animal is with me now?
  • Which crystal is best for me to work with now?


Additional Relationship Questions

  • What am I meant to learn from this soul connection? 
  • What are our soul level agreements, if any?
  • How many lifetimes have we spent together?
  • How were our lifetimes (if any are shared) spent together?
  • What are my primary life lessons from this relationship?
  • What are my past life blocks or restrictions that are affecting my choices in this life?
  • Any questions about the current status of the relationship



  • Did the problem begin in this lifetime?
  • If so, what is the cause? (Is it hereditary or environmental? Is it an opinion or belief that I held or am still holding?)
  • What lesson can I learn from this particular problem and how is it assisting my soul’s growth?
  • What other information can you give me to help shift my current perspective and move toward resolution and healing?
  • Did the problem begin in another lifetime? If so, what are its causes and conditions?
  • How and why did I carry the problem into this current lifetime?
  • If the problem has served its purpose and usefulness, how can I let it go?
  • If I still need to work on the problem in this lifetime, what do I need to know in order to resolve it?